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What are Digital Paintings?

Richard uses a graphics drawing board called a Wacom 24HD Cintiq Pen Display. Wacom are quite simply the best supplier of digital drawing boards in the world.

That’s why Pixar and Disney use them


But how did it all start for Richard?

His wife originally bought him an iPad and he found some great art applications such as Brushes and Sketchbook to paint digitally with his finger

If you make mistakes you can easily rectify them by undoing what you did with a touch on the undo symbol or simply erase with your finger. You can actually undo back to the first stroke. Once the painting is complete you can replay a video of the whole process which you can upload to the web to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, to name a few

He enjoyed the iPad but now uses a Wacom pen display for a more professional finish with his digital work. Graphics tablets are widely used in the creative industries by illustrators, architects, fashion designers, graphic designers and interior designers alike

They are favoured for their accuracy, pressure response, ease of movement and technical ability to get the job done well

He now uses Adobe Photoshop CS6 as a digital palette. His artwork is not CGI computer generated images though - you need artistic talent and knowledge before you can really get serious with them

He teaches people how to paint digitally as it becomes very popular nowadays when they see what can be achieved at the art shows and festivals

When he completes commissions, his clients just send him the photos, he makes initial draft sketches which are then approved. He finally paints the finished piece and it either gets framed by the client or he gets an online canvas printing company to print and deliver straight to your door. That is why many of my clients are worldwide. Everything is done electronically. He even receives payment by PayPal or BACS, or even cash


Click on the paintings to take a closer look!


The Wacom 24HD Cintiq Pen Display digital drawing board can be bought from many places, Wacom for one. You can get them from Amazon too.

Hit the Amazon link below to see the full range of pen displays and tablets that are now on the market.

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See the step-by-step demonstration of Jazz on YouTube  

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