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CHUMLEYS ART Chumleys Illustration Nottingham City Council A-boards Guidelines

Project: A-boards Guidelines

Client: Nottingham City Council

This commission covered a council publication for businesses requiring corporate publicity on A-boards outside their premises and shops following extensive consultation

See More Here Riding House Farm Cottages Christmas Card

Project: Riding House Christmas Card

Client: Riding House Farm Cottages

Richard was commissioned to design a Christmas card for a farming family in Castleton of the Peak District in the heart of beaultiful Derbyshire

The farm had two great self catering holiday cottages for rental so he took the view of the Mermaids Cottage and farmyard as the backdrop for the card adding in the farm animals

It’s a great place to stay and he now books the cottage every year with his wife, Linda

See their web site on the Riding House Cottage link below the Christmas card artwork. It’s well worth a visit

Riding House Cottages

Project: The Mighty Midget

Client: The Pulse Gym & Leisure & Nationwide Nutrition Ltd.

He was commissioned to design a logo for a new protein and energy sports drink by a local businessman

Following a series of meetings he was then commissioned to design the cartoon character, the Party Animal - the face of the product and brand. He even designed the bottle labels the drinks came in and the boxed packaging too

The last piece of work was to create the posters in readiness for the branding publicity campaign and web images for the web site

It was a great project to be involved with for him and the drink tastes pretty good too

Mighty Midget logo design The Mighty Midget & logo The Party Animal and Mighty Midget character designs The Party Animal Poster Pre-manufacture DRAFt for Clients Approval Bottle Label design 12 bottle boxed design The Party Animal finished product The Party Animal finished product The Party Animal finished product Parksmart PGI Parking & Guidance Information Project The Mighty Midget Party Animal

Project: Parksmart PGI Project

Client: Nottingham City Council

This parking and guidance way-finding project required non-standard signs to be illustrated and issued to the Department for Transport for approval. Hit the link below to see Richards original sketches for his clients and the finished project as it was built on site in Nottingham

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